Payroll Management & Employee Benefits 

Employee's Well-Being


In order for a company to thrive, it must have members that are focused on the growth of the company. As a new company, hiring the right people and keeping them happy is crucial to it's success.

Payroll Management & Employee Benefits Services 

Whether you are a one man team, or your team is made up of several individuals, basic needs of a company are always present: payroll and benefits. I will manage your payroll  and work with a benefits provider to address those needs. 



  • process various employment arrangements such as: part-time, full-time, hourly, salaried and contractual

  • abide by state and federal withholding requirements

  • retirement contributions

  • employee withholdings and benefits contributions

  • new employee on-boarding and terminations

  • individualized employee support as needed 


  • collaborate with certified benefits management team to provide benefits of your choosing for your employees

  • manage and process changes with employee's, new hires and terminations

  • optional annual employee benefits seminar 

  • optional annual personal tax seminar 

  • individualized employee support as needed