I like a good success story. Not necessarily for the success itself, although it is always welcomed, but for the growth that is required to succeed.


Early in my career, as an elementary math teacher, I enjoyed the quest that students had to undertake to solve a math problem. Through my interactions with my students, I was able to experience the true narration of what it means to be a problem solver. From the emotions of the grueling climb to solve a problem, to the triumph on the ascent of finding an answer, to the resulting new vantage point from their new discovery - I cherished every moment of being with them.

The transition of the initial struggle to solve a problem to the sweet victory of finding an answer, has been the driving force for my desire to help entrepreneurs as they begin their journey on starting a company. What started out as helping my husband as he started his company, has developed my unique skill-set to help founders with their company as they take on new roles of leadership.

Are you facing challenges that are limiting your ability to grow your company? Let me come along with you. Entrepreneurship can, at first, seem to be a dangerous road that is less traveled. Despite the unknowns and uncertainties it can be an exciting adventure. And I will be with you every step of the way.